Sport for Tim

Sport for Tim

Tim is in Year 8 and tells his parents he doesn’t like watching sports matches with the school because it is cold and boring. Tim uses a wheelchair for mobility.

Tim’s father makes a time to meet with the school to discuss a reasonable adjustment. Tim’s teacher and the head of sport are invited to the meeting. Tim is invited to the meeting, but decides not to attend.

At the meeting, Tim’s father proposes that Tim be allowed to go to the library instead of watching sport. Tim’s teacher says it is important for all students to support the school teams as either players or supporters, and that if Tim went to the library he would not be participating on the same basis as other students. Tim’s mother points out that for Tim it is different because he never gets to play in a sports team. She thinks Tim finds it boring because he is always on the sidelines. His father says, “As he never gets to play, it’s not fair to make him go.”

The head of sport offers to investigate options for expanding the range of sports so that Tim can participate in a team sport. Everyone contributes ideas about alternative sports, such as wheelchair rugby, table tennis, and chess. The head of sport promises to investigate these options before the next meeting.

At the next meeting, the head of sport says that the school will trial a table tennis team in which all students will be invited to participate, including Tim. Extra space will be provided for one table so that Tim can manoeuvre his wheelchair. Tim’s parents agree that this is a good idea and ask when the impact of the adjustment will be reviewed. The head of sport proposes that they meet again in a month’s time to discuss the impact of the table tennis adjustment.