Preparing for transitions

Preparing for transitions

We have a number of students with a disability who go to the local secondary school each year. Many students are terrified at first by the thought of secondary school.

I run a transition program for students with a disability and other students who may be ‘at risk’ for whatever reason. It starts in Term 3 of Grade 6, and runs once a week. We cover everything from getting organised, to use of the school diary, secondary school subjects, managing homework, extracurricular activities, and much more.

The students have many opportunities to talk about what makes them anxious, and we discuss problem solving. In Term 4 we also do extra secondary school visits for orientation and to meet some of the staff.

We work very closely with the local secondary school to support our students to have a smooth transition. The feedback we get from the secondary school and from students who come back for a visit is very positive.

- Education Support Officer at a government mainstream primary school

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