Penny's Progress

Penny's progress

Penny's parents had noticed when she was quite young that she was reaching developmental milestones much later than their other children. When she was in childcare, staff there observed that Penny seemed to have difficulty with coordination, and they put Penny’s mother in touch with a special education professional. Penny’s parents declined to meet with the special education professional and did not pursue identification of a disability. When Penny started primary school they did not tell the school about their daughter’s challenges.

When the staff at the primary school realised that Penny was having difficulty with coordination and focusing her attention, they invited Penny’s parents to a meeting to discuss reasonable adjustments. Penny’s parents indicated they did not want to attend the meeting. The school then arranged for Penny to have additional assistance from support staff regularly at school and also facilitated occupational therapy. Penny is thriving at the school, and is a sociable and confident student.

When the time comes for Penny to move onto high school, it is likely that she will continue to need additional support. At that time, Penny’s teachers aim to work with Penny, her parents and the high school they choose, to support her transition and ongoing learning.