Nina Enjoys Sport

Nina enjoys sport

At a meeting with her daughter’s teacher, Nina’s mother explains that Nina dislikes sport because she has been the last student picked by captains for a team, which embarrasses her. Nina’s mother thinks this might happen because Nina can’t catch balls very well, due to her low vision. She suggests the school purchase a greater variety of equipment, including audible balls, brightly coloured balls, and large lightweight balls that move more slowly and are easier to track.

Nina’s teacher agrees to take this suggestion to the school principal. She asks if Nina’s mother would like to join a meeting with the sports staff to discuss Nina’s favourite outdoor activities and help the school select which equipment to buy.

The teacher also decides to vary the way all sports teams are formed. Instead of being ‘selected’ by a captain, team members will be chosen in less personal ways, such as by using decks of cards, matching numbers or birthdays, or by pulling names out of a hat.