Mikaela Enrols in High School

Mikaela enrols in high school

Mikaela attended her local primary school right through to her final year. Throughout primary school, her learning was well supported by her teachers, and the school’s focus on embracing diversity meant that Mikaela – who has a chromosomal disorder and a mild learning disability – had many friends and looked forward to school most days.

In her final year of primary school, along with her friends and their families, Mikaela and her parents attended the open night at a nearby secondary school shortly before enrolments opened. While talking with a staff member, Mikaela’s parents became concerned that the school’s academic program might not be appropriate for Mikaela.

Mikaela’s parents requested a meeting with the school principal, who also invited the special needs coordinator to attend. The conversation moved immediately to Mikaela’s needs and the best way of keeping communication channels open between the school and Mikaela’s parents. Mikaela and her parents were encouraged to raise any questions or concerns they might have, and were invited to return to the school for an individual tour and a more detailed discussion at a later date.

Once Mikaela was enrolled, her parents were invited to a meeting organised by the Year coordinator and relevant subject teachers, to discuss possible adjustments to support Mikaela’s learning in high school. Mikaela’s parents suggested that her primary school teacher be invited to attend this meeting too. Knowing that the teachers were prepared, and that adjustments would be in place before the start of the school year, went some way towards alleviating Mikaela's parents' anxiety about her transition to high school.