Chad Plays Basketball

Chad plays basketball

Chad is an energetic 15 year-old. In certain circumstances he may be distractible, hyperactive, and impulsive. He enjoys playing basketball but is inclined to act out physically towards other players during games.

The head of sport wants to ensure Chad can continue to join in and participate along with his peers whenever possible, though he is concerned about the physical risk to other players. He proposes a meeting to discuss the risks to others’ safety and possible adjustments.

The principal organises the meeting and invites everyone who may be able to assist, including Chad, his family, the head of sport, Chad’s class teacher, and the coach of Chad’s weekend basketball team. One of the goals of the meeting is to explore what factors, if any, have triggered the incidents in the past.

At the meeting Chad explain that when he really ‘gets into’ the game, his energy takes over and he doesn’t know what he is doing until after he has hit out at someone. The group and Chad brainstorm strategies that might assist him to self-regulate better during games.

The decision is made that Chad should not be on court for longer than five minutes at a time, and that his class teacher will organise a substitution roster accordingly. The teacher also proposes a clear signal that she will give to Chad when she thinks that he is getting too ‘into’ the game and may be at risk of losing control. Chad agrees to come off court immediately if the teacher uses this signal.

With his teacher’s additional support to assist in regulating his behaviour, Chad is able to participate in an inter-school basketball competition, with minimal risk to public safety.