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Educating Hasan

Hasan is an energetic Year 5 student who, as a result of his disability, often doesn’t sit still to work on certain educational activities and subjects.

At the beginning of the school year, Hasan’s teacher met with his parents and discussed which teaching strategies would best meet Hasan’s learning needs. His parents explained that Hasan did not work well if he had to spend long periods being quiet at a desk. He needed physical stimulation and tended to move quickly from task to task and topic to topic.

Hasan’s teacher recognised that Hasan would learn best in a classroom where students could choose to move around quietly between different work places in the room – at their desks, on the floor or in an adjacent quiet area – with the expectation that all the work would be done. His teacher found that, when given the freedom to move between different work places, Hasan’s true academic ability became apparent. Hasan completed more work and needed less individual attention. Several other students in Hasan’s class benefited from the adjustment too.

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